Sep 21, 2011

what are we missing?

It just a question of where did we went wrong?

Just the other day our country was hit again with sad news everywhere and I have been following few of things happening today in our country and wondered why God what happening to our country a lot have passing!

  • Fuel basting and burning Kenyan to death!
  • Road accident overturning bus killing almost everybody in board!
  • Kenyan drinking illegal brewers and ending up blind or died!
  • Our currency dropping down like nothing!

What the cost, what severing, what evil, can somebody tell me what happening?

This some of story I cut from main news paper in Kenya

The Kenyan shilling fell more than 1 percent against the dollar on Wednesday to hit a record low of 97.20 against the greenback after the central bank moved to ease money market liquidity ahead of two debt auctions.

Four people burnt to death as they siphoned petrol from an overturned tanker near Sio Bridge along the Busia- Kisumu road. Over 40 others were admitted in various hospitals in Western Province with serious burns.

Police have seized 7,500 litres of industrial methanol, a key ingredient used by unscrupulous traders to prepare killer brews.The methanol, which was in 30 drums, was impounded at the Loitokitok border point.This follows an intensified operation against illegal brewers after 22 people died after drinking the alcohol.The drums, covered by maize, were being transported in a lorry which police detained moments after it crossed the border from Tanzania.

The curse of petrol siphoning has hit the country again, claiming at least four lives along the Kisumu-Busia highway on Tuesday night.Some 45 others are hospitalised at the Busia District Hospital and Alupe hospital with serious burns.

All this and many other today what mistake did we make what can we change to reduce all this disaster in our country?

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