Sep 4, 2011

My life continues adventure and learning from experience! Part Three (3)

Thank God the driving course took only a very short time but I was not ready to go back to the village. I remember the day I was to go for my test I had only ten bob in my pocket and I had to meet with this guy who helped so he can help me with fare to go back home, going for the test we had to be taken with school bus from city center to Karen south west of Nairobi and remember at the time I was living on east side of Nairobi that long way for somebody who do not now anything of Nairobi to move. After my test ended which I did like 3 pm I had to wait for result which was read by a police at five in the evening I had not managed to have real close friend in school but I knew few of the people we used to be in class with so I started panicking and trying to ask for help for some of them who told me they had only the fare for them selves to go back home, my last idea was to sleep in police station until next day so I start walking to the city center but at around seven in evening there was this one guy who was left wondering there like me so I went to him I believe he was Somali original and he told me his brother was to pick him and he does not have and cent to call his brother who as the car, which if I had little money I could give him and he call him when he come he will refund to me. By the time I knew I had only ten bob in my pocket which I knew if the worse goes to worse I can buy a Mandazi to keep me over the night, but when he told me his story I show a help because what I knew if only this guys help me get to the city center I can manage the other side because I knew the way!
That was a day and a half for me anyway I got help from his brother who was driving a huge car after explaining to them my case so they took me to a bus which was going to the city center and there I was lucky person at the end of the day.
 By the time I finished the course, my first long friend had got his own rental one-room house so I had to move to his house to wait and see if I could get a job while waiting for my driving licences which was supposed to take 3 to 4 months.
The truth is that I got my driving licences and never got that Matatu job and I have gone up and down trying all kinds of things to do in Nairobi. From house boy, Shamba boy, construction, windows fix and repair, shopkeeper, and many others. Only to find out that life is never sweet for many youths and young people even for those with their diploma or master degrees.
In Nairobi on my own life was not easy any more I had to work hard get money and know how to be independent.  
In 2002 another friend introduced me to the voluntary organization where I was given the opportunity to volunteer with a group of other volunteers from different parts of the world. From this experience everything changed and I started thinking more positive and doing more voluntary work in different community all over Kenya. I did a lot of camps; I studied community development, conflict management, leadership skill, and others. I got another career and dream, I lead the group of volunteers in community work in so many different places, and I travelled to Uganda, my neighbouring country, for voluntary work and more training for training the society of HIV/AIDS awareness in different angle such as using forum theatre.
Just follow me to see what come up next!!!

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