Sep 13, 2011

My life goes on but a lot of questions and thought of it!!

I've heard this question over and over from well-meaning friends and family members...who obviously believe that being a social person is a choice someone turns on or off and that turning it on and making the sacrifices I've made in 'the real world' is an inconvenience and a struggle. I obviously DON'T agree with that view...and over the years, have found much clarity and joy about my choice and my journey.

Here's a really good read about this topic for anyone who has struggled to follow their own path, dream or skill...whether in the social work, arts, sports, science, business...or even parenting.


How many of us have had the above question hammered into our consciousness? I would bet that most social workers, musicians, artists, actors, writers, missionaries, athletes, entrepreneurs, stay-at-home parents, and inventors have all had to deal with this question.

After we are successful and the big money and fame is rolling in, then everyone says how brave and tenacious we were. After we change the world with our work, raise our incredibly successful children, our spiritual teachings, our new ideas and business concepts, then people say we are “lucky” to be one of the chosen few as if we didn’t really work all that hard to get to that successful place.

Until that day when we are fabulously wealthy and our industry grants us superstar status, we are deemed dreamers, unrealistic, illogical, and without real direction as we diligently toil away at our work until it’s worthy of acceptance as a “real job.” Or real goals’’
Just as I was today I prayed lord to give me the heart of a child the heart of happiness, joy, loving forgetting and the one will never fear worry just smile and be happy to anything come a close!
When I look a little kids playing I always wish to be like them just innocent mind not much to worry everything is good and simple no pressure I love it if I had power I could live and help little children forever.
Too many people sleeping outside and no food just wondering why there so many brutality going on in different part of our world do we need just to keep silent and pretend nothing happening, it my hope we can get solution to our challenges and stop our brothers and sisters who are mercilessly fighting each to think of other solutions than using power for demanding what they want! We need more peace agent human and better solutions to our struggle, may we join up to preach peace and harmony in our nations.
Life would be much better and easy to everybody if we only understand the meaning of our lives our leaders can’t bring solutions if we can’t not be there with them, I love this words of martin king Luther- He said I can’t ever be who I want to be’ until you were what you want to be and you can’t be what you want to be until I am what I want to be’’ it just me and you we really know our challenges and the only person can come up with better solution is me and you, let hold hands together and say enough to our fighting enough to our hurting our brothers and sisters because they are from another tribe, let say it enough for listening to those who do not care of others but their personal interest, let say we are tired of living in fear any more! Let hold hands and move a step ahead we have severed enough and it time to woke up and say enough is enough I need peace and more love from you and am here to give it back to you!
A woman who works two jobs and raises the kids so that her husband can focus all of his attention on his entrepreneurial efforts is doing so because she truly believes in him, in his business, and that some day it will all pay off financially. Even if he fails, she believes in the dream and will most likely cheer him on to try again. Parents will pay a fortune to get the coaching and training their child needs, if they show the potential and passion of a future gold medallist. Why? Because they believe in they life long dream
As I write this to you who ever read this remember there is no peace in our world if our brothers and sisters are not so it up to me and you to make sure they got that peace and everybody will have a share of it but it will only happen if everybody agree to share and respect give back and listen and support each other.
Do not forget the gifts of those who would give their gifts to the world even if it means that they will live in poverty for doing so. The couple that chooses to live off one income so that their children can have one stay-at-home parent is making that decision with their eyes wide open. The folks who travel into Africa to give aid to the starving and the dying do not see their lack of monetary gain as important enough to quit. The entrepreneur lives on a shoestring budget so that he can create a business knowing that the world is a better place for the goods and services that his company will provide. There is a spiritual lesson and a truly heartfelt joy that comes from knowing that giving our gift is so much more important than driving a large PRADO while wearing the latest fashions. Yes, we would have liked it if a wealthy benefactor had shown up in our lives, but their absence will not stop us from moving forward with our dreams.
I can’t do this alone and you can’t do it alone that why we need each other and by doing that is using much or little of your time of looking the main conflict solution and why a brother and brother get to each other neck!
Help me and others to preach peace by sharing my note and giving more comment of what good as human can we do to bring more peaceful and one man one human world for everybody to rejoice and feel appreciated and proudly to be!
“Why don’t I get a real job?

Because the world needs my gift as much as I need to give it!
Have blessed day and peaceful one!
Uncle Ben( do not forget to keep on look out the next post!

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