Feb 23, 2012

A Story that made me feels faired to make change!!!

Hello friends!!!
My question is for how long it will take us to change such situation when our children are taken by people who do not mind them, but the money they make form them, for how long our children will grow up in environment which they feel happily, cared, have trust to adult and know very well there will be better future for them? …!! 
Jambo Habari, Bonjour, How are you? It my hope as you read this mentally and healthily you are perfect that the greatest gift we can have and we need to rejoice everyday when we wake feeling good active and ready to go on and see what the day bring to us!!  
Last letter I wrote to ask for help and glad few people responded promised may be and others apologized because the situation they are now in life thanks so much friends and I said am very sure not only Africa today we are having this financially challenges I know and it good we have media which share news very quickly and you can be able to understand and know what happening on the other side!
Anyway today I want to share with you again because I have a goal and I will keep trying and trying until I reach to where my dream leads me, when a business man want to expand the business they go to bank to ask for loan’s when social or nongovernmental worker want to extend they service to more people they write proposal to those who support them.
And if you are working on the above and maybe you do not have enough bank statement to show you are good banker or you do not have any sponsor/ supporter organization where do you go to ask for help if not to your friends?
My Life depends with little income I get from my work of hosting volunteers and the truth is this only main income for me and the two organization am current working for to help the needy youth and children and community in large, and believe me or not if today I manage to get just one volunteer per month it can change a lot of my life and many other people lives,
Do you know you too can help me get volunteers it simple just take little of your time talk with your friends about volunteering, experiences and how it is noble to take your time learning from other people culture than just going to visit places just as tourist, many companies which does tourist program are personal companies which their aim is to make profit   and enhance themselves while for us and organization we share everything we get from you with many others who are in need and give you an opportunity to learn enjoy and tour different places while understanding the real people culture and life style. Is there any better holidays than enjoying your time with people of different culture, learning while doing something noble which will open and advance your experience to understand life better?
Majority of most successful organization are those first supported and marketed by former volunteers and friends of organization, and sure if you are part of any successful and you see the fruits of your contribution am very sure that one good reason to be proud of yourself and happy.
When I thought of starting Hope Children and Empowerment Center I knew this was what I really wanted most and I am really happy so far of this idea and the center and good cooperation with community in large, but after some time now because of many challenges which are normal in life we can do a lot and as the founder and the main supporter, organizer and managing Director,  every day it’s challenges to me trying to think and listening to people who call and want help from us and the people who really thought their burden are over when we shared with them idea and our goal of Hope,, it’s a challenge I over go every day and here is where I want to share with you my latest frustration!( challenge)
About two weeks ago I received a call from some parents form the village who wanted so much my help to find about twisted children school challenges…. Why twisted because from all the parents none of the parent knew about the school where their children were taken, it started with group of people who went to the village and promised they work with organization which help rural poor family children in education and told the community members there is a school where their children will be taken.
As you all know very well a poor or let say somebody who does not have what they want, when they are offered just little help for them it is like the manners from heaven to liberate the heavy burden and the time to ask many question or thinking of danger which may arise is very slim.
So my dear parents they were told the demand and they had to register with not so much money for normal fee asked from other school and organize the transport for their children from the village to the school which is on neighbors’ of Nairobi.
Anyway to make the story short the children were picked and taken to school but after some time the children started running away from school from problem they over come there and other called their parent for help because there was not what they were promised, good education, enough food, and other challenges which if you hear them you will see straight the school had not met for good reason.
The challenges I had, I could not manage to go to school see it myself and help as this parent and the children but last week Monday I met with few of the children who I had to help them from Nairobi to get back home and I confirmed it is true there is a lot of challenges going on in this school and it affecting this children and this my frustration. ‘‘What going to happen to this kids now after wasting half of the term and parent wasting little money they had, hoping they children will get good help in education’’!
My worries today is how long will I continues seeing this or hearing people ask for me help and I can’t be able to help them!
The truth is this give me more desire and persistent of searching and working to bring Hope to maturity where one day one time we shall be able to help children like this one’s and make sure whoever comes in the village with such idea comes through us and in that we will be assurance between the community and donors of such kind.
To fulfill this goals our first idea now is to secure program which will bring income which will be saved as urgent need to help the children in need, we have several ideas already of things which we want to do and can be good not so much impossible on them but we need your help to get to the project…
Intended program/project for income generating for Hope!
1.      Meat and eggs Chicken project
2.       Buy -Chair, Tent and public address for hiring ( community members can hire this on weddings and other ceremonies)
3.      Farming for vegetables( by leasing land) and buying and selling of food
4.      Long term idea- buying public Matatu/bus for transport
Kindly these are our main target for now and our request is support to achieve this goals Note you can support direct or by sharing with friends or if you are good in drafting proposal you can select one of our project and ask me question and other information about Hope, or if you know organization which can fund this kind project please you can share with us.  Please any other ideas are welcome!!
Kindly I would like everyone who read this to understand one thing, am not always writing to ask you help because I think you have my greatest idea and aim is to share with my friends who may have ideas or other information which can help more than money can.
Lastly I would love to take this opportunity to thanks all of you for your continues support and been good friends encouragement you give us and may God bless you so much..
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Uncle Ben

Lala lala what come out make a man grow strong!! My work help me do things I need!! Coz of luck of volunteers!!

Feb 4, 2012

Hello friends of Hope children & empowerment center kindly I friend told me sometime it easy to add account which if somebody would like to support can go on and support the children in education or any other program for Hope, thanks so much for those been following us and am sorry still I do not have digital camera so I could managed to add more current photos!!. You can deposit anything or can decide to support full in education, or one season program and so on!! ….
Here is the account detail for more question or request you can write to us!!

NAME OF COMMUNITY GROUP:   Hope Children and Empowerment Center (Organization)
Account no, 0190195214829, name of the bank- Equity Bank Runyenjes Branch

Email: hopecenter2009@gmail.com  Phone: +254 (0)726765540

 Thanks and keep hope for our children and we hope they shall have better future

Uncle Ben