Jun 19, 2012

Just me and my Life and work! can You Help!

Hello it my hope you are doing fine kindly it for while before I wrote a long general email and it my hope you keep up date my other communication update, as I always say life come with a lot of surprises everyday but the most important thing of all is to be alive and have people around you who support you and care for you all the time, and am so glad to have you as my friend and share with you all the time. Recently I have been working on youth Training and YVC organization long term solution for it grow and sustainability in office maintenance, official and other requirement for organization to carry out the daily activities.
The work it is kind difficult and challenging to make sure everything is running smoothly and every side is considered as per our goals I have communicated with so many personnel those profession on organization mobilization of resource, activities and programs support, and volunteers participation on organization daily activities supports but it’s still too difficult to secure trustworthy organization or people who can understand my small brain (head) and agree to work with me 99% in supporting the program or volunteering their full time in doing something for organization.
This one reason am writing this email to you today I still need your help your ideas and if you know any good organization which we can partner with them in long term of exchange program for volunteers, resource mobilization and any other support toward achieving our goals.
Currently am sharing an office with one of our partners in Nairobi and made my house my biggest office when I need to concentrate more in my work but I would be glad to have good office near our project in Kibera where our youth are who I really need to involve them in organization daily business which due to today’s challenges they cannot manage to travel or move from there to where we have an office current,  so kindly if you have any idea I would be glad to hear from you and anything would be great remember sometime money is just one of many bridge to success but it is not the success we are the success to what we really wish to achieve.
My second sharing today is for my greatest life dream or I call desire to my life (Hope children and Empowerment center) it is my goal and my dream to build and finish up this center where community children, youth and women can have opportunity and open ground to participate, learn, share, interact and show their culture and goal in life.
It for while now from the first day we put the foundation stone and am glad for everything we have already done and there is no time I will stand and boost to myself say it me I have done all that but it all come from friends people who learn and understand me and knew I have that talent and heart of sharing, and that what am proud of today there someone out there like you who trust me and listen and shared , motivated and told me yes Ben it possible and because of you or one of my friends  a lot have been done and so much is going to come from that one stone foundation we started with.
Current we are training of fifteen young people on various income generating activities to support them and make the active in community and help them from drug, alcohol and other idleness youth behaviors which end them to more challenges and multiply of poverty in society.
Last weekend I had a visit where we shared with them a lot and they told me of things they would like to do, (to achieve)and it true am not sure if I can be able to provide them with all necessary so to achieve their goal but we will give them what we can….. because for while (past) I got this idea everything is possible if you believe in yourself am sure pole pole and from help of people like you I will be able to guide them till we achieve some of our goals as organization.
I have shared with many people of ideas and things we need to do, by the next months we shall be on road looking who will buy soap and candles from us   apart from that we are hoping if we are lucky enough we shall receive some refurbished computers (from one organization from USA) for training youth and community in large which also used as information sharing from other world and our society.
The other issue is we are still looking people or organizations which support us in buying public address, drama club acrobatic tools and uniform and other public event hiring items which we intend to use as income generating for organization.
Last thing which is much difficult and stressing me day and night is the fact that there so much I need to achieve and I do not have idea how I will overcome them, one even if as organization we are working together to achieve the goals in activities supporting the generally population community I have few things, one like building I still need a lot in building the center and I have no idea anymore but I need good classroom, dormitory, finish up guest house, build up dining hall which will be multipurpose plus the Hope offices!
Lastly I would like to thanks those who have so much sharing ideas, supporting me financially listening and thinking of us all the time Asante sana… just remember! You do not need to move the mountain to make the change!
Kindly for you can find this information and current photo of Hope visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/99856908721   
Thanks and keep in touch