Sep 19, 2011

Everybody is great! Believe me you too can make change!

Everyday I woke up hoping to find a new day everyday I go to sleep hoping to have peaceful and sweet dreams everyday I work hoping to find the fruit of my work everyday when I go out I hope to find something new, everyday every one and everything comes and go but life still keep moving.

Only God knows why and when!

Only if I could and wish just not my dream come true but see people following my dream and me counting what I have done and what a new day brought for me!

If you are reading this remember this is my own words I do not expect miracles to happen to fulfil my dream but am hoping somebody like you who is reading here now maybe you are little blessed little different with what I do not have and you can help little, as always I say and I will keep saying you do not need to move the mountain to make change but just little, sharing with me or sharing with someone or donating little anything from children books, pens, toys building materials, computers, little money or anything resourceful to help the needy community your are my miracle which am waiting!

My life has been blessing and rewarding for some reason few years back I did know if I can be able to do anything to anybody until I started, you too do not wait for the right time coz the time you think of any noble thing you wish to do that the turning point for you!!!

Here is my contact ( anytime you wish to ask anything or feel you like to comment just feel free to do so… and I will looking forward to hear to see who out there with noble heart to support me fulfil my dream and help those in need from little child in the village to the street kids who are moving up and down wish to have just left over as they food to mothers and youth who are in the village who wish to do something to support they family and friends!

It only you and I can bring little change to this life of this people in need do something today and tomorrow will be a different day!

Be blessed

Uncle Ben

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