Aug 29, 2011

Few of my past memories with friends and me in photos! enjoy it!PART TWO (2) photos

children activities
What I love most is talking with little children guiding the in life and supporting them where I can, this is one my partner’s children home in Nyanza!

kibera Slum school i used to teach as volunteer!
HCCR my dream home for the children at night we organize camp fire with friends dance and enjoy life,
HCCR children out for break am so happy when I see them study and enjoy they life and I can do everything to see them happy.
dance make the day better

My friend Hanne from Denmark
I love be together and feel part of community

youth event we work together plan together

Thanks for great volunteers who joined to make my dream come true
teaching youth and sharing at night
My friends from Germany
yes i volunteer and made the change
doing little community work it's give you feeling you are something

Ben Life -growing up and understanding what out there!PART TWO (2)

I met a friend who introduced me to another friend who promised me to help me to go somewhere where I could get a little job and go to school at the same time. Yes, I thought to my self.  This might be a dream come true. Without knowing what was going to happen next, I left my village for the first time.
Reaching my new home, I found the new family and they welcomed me home very happily. What I did not know is that I was their blessing, because they now had a new Samba (field) boy.
There was a lot to do in that home, such as taking care of cows and other daily work. Every day I had to wake up very early in morning, do my work and then go for other things. After a while I was introduced to my new school which I was a day school. So I had to wake up in the early morning, do my work and then go to school.  Sometime life is not fair it reached time when I could hold my self any more not all our dreams come truth.
 After a while the schooling and work became so difficult for me and the school fees also became difficult for me so after consultations with my family, I decided to quit school and go to look for another good job.
In my job searching I met with this guy who helped me in understanding life and I told me a lot of things and encouraged me never to look back to my parent or my brother for help but focus in what you really wish to attain in life.
I got this small job in a restaurant where I was cooking food and selling food for a while. The restaurant business was not well the owner could not manage to keep all the worker so I had to leave the restaurant job and start selling breads with bike which in one day I had to cover an area of about 50 kilometres, the job was real tiring and some time so frustration a create of breads carry only 12 breads and in every create you profit was half of the bread, in all that time my education was not yet forgotten.  I was still thinking of how I could go back to school and studies to do something which can help me in my life and support my mother and younger brother and sister.
The bread jobs started also becoming so difficult sometime I had to go for all full day and the evening I have sold maybe only 5 creates and I have broken bike which half of my profit I had to use it to repair the bike for the next day sales.
Life is so funny I remember the best friend of mine at the time was a mortuaries attendance this guy was the funniest crazy person I have met some time he was so kind and honest to me he keep helping all the time with money take me for lunch or for drink as was normal for him.
I remember asking him one day how he survived in mortuary all the time and how he feel spending most of his time taking care of the dead people? ‘’(Muriithi he used to call me this) in life we are passing and nothing is good or bad in life but you have to do something when you are still alive, I have seen many beautiful ugly, rich and poor in my office non of them can tell me what it was when they were still a live or tell me what they want so when you have time and still alive do and share as you can with those close to you because tomorrow you never know where you will be. I never dreaming to do this kind of work but after my high school I had to search for job everywhere and how I find my self here I do not know but what I know now I love my job and am not ready to leave it for something else’’.
His word even today still rings in my mind this man made me think a lot of life and what we has human are and that what I told my self am only valuable when am breathing after am no different than any other worse bad, dirty things human hate and do not like in they life.
The truth is a stone or soil in ground is better than dead human there would be no use of dead but every day human use stone and soil are valuable every single day and no day they will be useless.
After a while I had saved a little money and my first friend came back again and welcomed me to Nairobi where I could go and do my dream course of driving, with which I believed to get a good job of driving a Matatu afterwards and help my family.
This was my third time to go to Nairobi. My first time was when I was in class (4) four with a school tour to Nairobi and the second one was with some friend who took me from home with him to show me Nairobi and his friends for a week. I really liked to go back Nairobi and I believed Nairobi was everything: I can walk in the street of Nairobi and collect as much money as I want because the money is made there and there are so many rich people staying there.
Reaching Nairobi for the third time with a lot of expectations and no longer as a school boy or in a hurry, I believed I would go back home rich with a lot of money and help my family, children and youth in my community.
Life is not easy as I wished it will be! My friend met me at stage took me to house where they lived with a friend we spend the night there talking so much the next day he took me to the driving school where I had to start immediately my driving course, I was the happiest person at that moment at last I have moved from the life of small village to a big city but it was too busy for me and too crowded with many people talking strangle language everywhere and worse thing I did see any coin on the floor only men in scarily face looking at me everywhere and I remembered what I talked with my friend the night before he told me some story of how Nairobi is dangerous someplace I have to avoid those places.  In Nairobi you must live like Nairobi people everyone is so nice the first time you meet them but after a while you have to be on your own which even today I never understand why maybe you have to work hard to get a job or everybody think you have one.
In the evening I couldn’t go back with my friend to house where they lived but I was introduced to and man who is friend of my friend who had to host me then later this friend took me to another friend who I had to sleep in his house and go to eat lunch and supper to first friend.
However, life in Nairobi was not as easy as I thought it would be. It was even worse than I can explain here. Sometimes I had to go for two days without food except for a Mandazi (donut) which I got from the friend who I was sleeping in his single roomed house, up and down in city of Nairobi. I tried my best to keep going on and sometime it was so much frustrating when I go for supper or breakfast to found out they have nothing for me so I had to go back sleep hungry or go school without breakfast,  I remember one time I could even get ten bob for Matatu to go to school so I had to woke up so early in morning some time with my donut friend when he used to go to sell them and walk to school so by the 8am I will be in town for my class. 
This is my part two of my life --- follow me for third part! Please give your comments or suggestion if you do not mind!

Aug 27, 2011

some of my story with photos!PART ONE (1) photo’s

Nairobi city life is more dark than you can see!
 Reaching Nairobi for the third time with a lot of expectations and no longer as a school boy or in a hurry, I believed I would go back home rich with big money and help many children and youth in my community
this me and my friend crystal she become more than a friend to me and helped me a lot in building YVC and HCCR encouraged me and give me support any time in need!

 I love moving around visiting our beautiful nature and to be happy with what we have in our country! this is giraffe center Nairobi and that Mr giraffe welcomed me here. I used to do tour guide within Nairobi and it neighbors so if you plan to be Nairobi i can show you some place!
 Me and two of my friends from Germany Kristina and Stephine visited me some time back and we had great time together!
I love the nature and when it's dirty with garbage it make me sick so whenever i have time and opportunity i wish i can do something!

Ben Life -childhood to growing up!PART ONE (1)

What life!
This is my story from deep in my heart I will start by saying people who have easy life are weak, hardship is our friend and it make us who we are (strong), we must also develop an appreciation and awareness of the fact and changing we perceive our selves through learning and understanding and we can have real impact on how we interact with others and how we conduct our daily lives. 
     Life will never be as we wish!
My name Benjamin M Mwenda, the current director and the founder of youth volunteer for change (YVC) from 2006-2011. YVC is a small organization for empowering youth in community development through voluntarism. I am also the founder of Hope children and Empowerment center (Runyenjes, Embu province).
I was born in Embu, Runyenjes District, Kyeni North location in a small village where the life of many villagers there is not so poor or so rich. The majority of the community are farmers of cash crops (such as coffee) and other subsistence crop.
Embu/Runyenjes is on the slopes of Mt Kenya where the population size is not so high in some areas and where the most populated areas are located on the line which is close to Nairobi Meru road.
As coffee is the main cash crop in the area, most people were heavily dependent on the production of coffee for everything. When I was little, the coffee was a really good business for the farmers. I think I was in class (3) three then. That good situation changed from good harvest good income and up to today many farmers are no longer able to gain sufficient income from the crop. That is why so many were forced to remove the crop or abandon its cultivation for other subsistence crops.
For this reason and because of my father’s death, I was left an orphan with a single mother who used to be a housewife so she could not manage my father’s work and feed all the children and get enough money for our education.
As a young 12-year old boy I had to leave my family to work for my own school fees and other requirements, such as books, exams money, and my own clothes.
I struggled up to class 8 where I did national examination and passed well with something like B-, a sufficiently good grade to join high school. However, I was not even thinking about this because for sure I knew my mum could not raise the money for high school, but I had still a little bit of hope that I could go to high school if I got a good job.
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