Dec 14, 2012

X-mass is Here what plan!!!!

Sometime in life we have to sacrifice and let other things go in our life, but other small things we do for others even if it’s once for while make a big change in their life so do not be ashamed if you can’t not do the great things but focus on small achievement you wish in life!!
The other day somebody stole my Laptop plus others things yes it’s painful not for things but what it carried in it!! But just after many day’s of thinking of it’ and other things I remember only God know why other things happen to others and not to other one’s I just remember a story of the mother who carry a baby on a womb for nine month and when the time come to deliver the baby, it turn out something else- do we blame the maker or the mother or doctor or The Nature Non because God has purpose of everything in this world if you think of things which happen to people in this world you realize how lucky we are sometime in life…
To be able to see the day light is blessed, to get our daily bread is blessing and to have two hand two legs, two eyes healthy body or life is blessing.
So after all that life is good and if you are alive healthy and at list have a place to call home need to appreciate that and know that you are blessed!!