Sep 24, 2011

My voluntary work journey - moving toward social life! part 5

After my Nzinia project I went for the training for alternatives to violence project work shop held in friends church along Ngong road in Nairobi which give me a lot of understanding different kind of conflict coursed by human being and how to over go them in non violence way.

This other places I went to volunteer and organize work camp as the facilitator,

2003 – April Participated in international work camp in machakos construction of Community Bridge.

2003- July co-facilitator international work camp Kisumu Dago Thim digging two community road to join them have easy access to market.

2003- August facilitated international work camp kuria (Nyabirongo pri, sch) making classroom bricks & teaching.

2003 – September attended Japanese work camp building water tank for Nzinia community, Kitui.

2003- November, training alterative to violence project workshop AVP (friend’s international center Nairobi)

2003 –Nove-December attended international work camp kuria (Kibaroti secondary sch) building class rooms.

2004 – January –February facilitated international work camp in kuria (Wema model academy) making bricks construction of class rooms.

2004 – March facilitated international work camp motherly care children home. Leveling of school compound, IGA discussion, teaching and caring for the children (Nairobi Ruai).

2004 – May attended international work camp & training in Kenya institute of organic farming (Thika)

2004 – June attended international work camp kamae children rehabilitation center, building workshop and class rooms, teaching (kiambu)

2004 –June attended Kenya voluntary development association (kvda) readership training (kamae kiambu)

2004 – August attended international work camp Migori (Oyani bridge orphanage) making bricks construction, education on HIV/AIDS to community.

2005- January- February facilitated international work camp kuria (Wema model) making bricks, teaching.

2005 – March facilitated international work camp Machakos kyeni community digging and putting water pipes.

2005 – May attended international work camp in Uganda Kyamukama community making bricks leveling ground for children home.

2005 – July, KVDA/ leadership training Machakos (Mbuto community)

2005 – July facilitated international work camp kuria (Nyamaharaga pri, sch) making bricks construction teaching and doing clear up in Isibania market.

2005 – September Facilitated international work camp Utajo Rushiga Island digging foundation of church, teaching on HIV/AIDS clean up Rushiga market and planting trees.

2005 – October, international work camp on HIV/AIDS prevention and care in wakiso epicenter Uganda, organized by CCIVS, UNESCO and EAWA. Training theater education and community outreach.

2006 – February attended international work camp Makongeni self help group Machakos, construction of bridge collecting stone.

2006 – June facilitated international work camp in Transmara Shartuka molding bricks teaching.

2006 October facilitated work camp in Wajir north eastern Kenya putting water pipes teaching.

2007 – August attended international work camp in kwale for mentally challenged cost province. Clear up digging latrine educating on HIV/AIDS to nearby schools.

if you love doing something you never wish to stop it.....................

Sep 21, 2011

what are we missing?

It just a question of where did we went wrong?

Just the other day our country was hit again with sad news everywhere and I have been following few of things happening today in our country and wondered why God what happening to our country a lot have passing!

  • Fuel basting and burning Kenyan to death!
  • Road accident overturning bus killing almost everybody in board!
  • Kenyan drinking illegal brewers and ending up blind or died!
  • Our currency dropping down like nothing!

What the cost, what severing, what evil, can somebody tell me what happening?

This some of story I cut from main news paper in Kenya

The Kenyan shilling fell more than 1 percent against the dollar on Wednesday to hit a record low of 97.20 against the greenback after the central bank moved to ease money market liquidity ahead of two debt auctions.

Four people burnt to death as they siphoned petrol from an overturned tanker near Sio Bridge along the Busia- Kisumu road. Over 40 others were admitted in various hospitals in Western Province with serious burns.

Police have seized 7,500 litres of industrial methanol, a key ingredient used by unscrupulous traders to prepare killer brews.The methanol, which was in 30 drums, was impounded at the Loitokitok border point.This follows an intensified operation against illegal brewers after 22 people died after drinking the alcohol.The drums, covered by maize, were being transported in a lorry which police detained moments after it crossed the border from Tanzania.

The curse of petrol siphoning has hit the country again, claiming at least four lives along the Kisumu-Busia highway on Tuesday night.Some 45 others are hospitalised at the Busia District Hospital and Alupe hospital with serious burns.

All this and many other today what mistake did we make what can we change to reduce all this disaster in our country?

Sep 19, 2011

Everybody is great! Believe me you too can make change!

Everyday I woke up hoping to find a new day everyday I go to sleep hoping to have peaceful and sweet dreams everyday I work hoping to find the fruit of my work everyday when I go out I hope to find something new, everyday every one and everything comes and go but life still keep moving.

Only God knows why and when!

Only if I could and wish just not my dream come true but see people following my dream and me counting what I have done and what a new day brought for me!

If you are reading this remember this is my own words I do not expect miracles to happen to fulfil my dream but am hoping somebody like you who is reading here now maybe you are little blessed little different with what I do not have and you can help little, as always I say and I will keep saying you do not need to move the mountain to make change but just little, sharing with me or sharing with someone or donating little anything from children books, pens, toys building materials, computers, little money or anything resourceful to help the needy community your are my miracle which am waiting!

My life has been blessing and rewarding for some reason few years back I did know if I can be able to do anything to anybody until I started, you too do not wait for the right time coz the time you think of any noble thing you wish to do that the turning point for you!!!

Here is my contact ( anytime you wish to ask anything or feel you like to comment just feel free to do so… and I will looking forward to hear to see who out there with noble heart to support me fulfil my dream and help those in need from little child in the village to the street kids who are moving up and down wish to have just left over as they food to mothers and youth who are in the village who wish to do something to support they family and friends!

It only you and I can bring little change to this life of this people in need do something today and tomorrow will be a different day!

Be blessed

Uncle Ben

My voluntary work journey - moving toward social life!

In 2003 April I went to participate in work-camp in kathuni primary school in Machakos district Eastern province, the area is belong to Kamba people one of the most dry areas in eastern province the Kamba are known of they culture of long distance travelers and good wood carving.
Going to this place was another kind of culture shock for me and realizing how different people over go on their different challenges.
In July 2003 I was given my first opportunity to facilitate a work-camp in Dago Thim community in Kisumu district, the work camp was huge too with about 35 participant national and international this was my first time I had to stand in front of group and made a speech or make announcement in English, it was a big challenge for me and another eye opening moment for me, the community here are Lou and it was my first time to see the different kind of challenge which every one all over the world have this idea the Nyanza province is one of the most highest province in Kenya with many people affected or infected with HIV/AIDS virus, women been the most affected in community and majority surviving after they lost of the loved one’s been taken by epidemic disease we had an opportunity to share and discuss with many of women on they daily life challenges.
For the first time I go an interest in supporting women group activities and working with them hand to hand for their success, before the end of this work camp we had formed a Dago Thim women group and I was part of it and been the first heart project I got two sponsors a couple of my friend who were part of the work camp participant. I worked with the group for two year moving and coordinating from my friends who formed an NGO in France and the other NGO I was working with in Kenya.
The women had two kind of project to empower themselves by farming and poultry keeping which was sponsored by the French association(daelindia association France)
In the same year (2003) I got another promotion from my good impact of last work camp and I had to facilitate another work camp alone in Nyabirongo primary school in kuria district (August) which was not so big, but with group of 15 participant from Nairobi and other part of the world. The work camp give me an opportunity to understand the human in different angle, as the leader you have to look many things and listen to everybody idea better or worse and you need to be in the first line of everything.
In September 2003 I attended another work-camp organized by my organization and Nice Japan organization in Nzinia community Kitui district which  turned out also to be challenging and different from other works camp I attended, the focus was to help the community build about 50 water tanks, sure this area was defiantly perfect for such project if you have ever gone to Kitui district you agree with me the community here need a lot of support in coming up with way of serving little water they get in rainy seasons.
Reaching in this community we were hosted in an Anglican church which was the first conflict in community. The project was aimed in support the everybody in community who could not be able to build their own water tank.
But one of challenges is the kind of tank which was proposed was to stand by the house and collect the water from the roof of the house but do the most poor people have a house with nice roof to collect the water?
We spend our first week arguing and trying to come with solution of where to build the tank and how the tank will be build because, one. The 50 members of community were expecting in three weeks to have tank and those 50 members were the only member selected by team of committee which even today I do not know how it formed it self.
The condition to have tank was you have to pay some contribution and the other challenge was most of the members the community who were involved were only the Anglican Church members so this was another conflict in community.
To get all this information I had to talk with few members of camp to join me and move in all the community talking and explaining to the community of the idea project which nice Japan and my organization had promised to support.
At the end of the second week it was agreed we build one tank which will server all community and which will not favour one side or a certain group and after evaluating our research we couldn't build a tank in chiefs camp some people in community believed the chief will favour some people, the church was not good idea because not all people in the community belong to that church market place was not fair because anybody can take advantage of the tank.
So the tank was to be build in dispensary which was sponsored by the church for community health center
By the end of the third week we had the first tank for community which we managed to build and the truth is everybody in community was happy and we didn't manage to build fifty tanks as they wished but the truth is there was miscommunication between the three partners which even today(2009) no other tank was ever build but community enjoy the one tank and go for water there and the health center have enough water for the sick people.
thanks for your time look out for more my voluntary experience .........

Sep 13, 2011

My life goes on but a lot of questions and thought of it!!

I've heard this question over and over from well-meaning friends and family members...who obviously believe that being a social person is a choice someone turns on or off and that turning it on and making the sacrifices I've made in 'the real world' is an inconvenience and a struggle. I obviously DON'T agree with that view...and over the years, have found much clarity and joy about my choice and my journey.

Here's a really good read about this topic for anyone who has struggled to follow their own path, dream or skill...whether in the social work, arts, sports, science, business...or even parenting.


How many of us have had the above question hammered into our consciousness? I would bet that most social workers, musicians, artists, actors, writers, missionaries, athletes, entrepreneurs, stay-at-home parents, and inventors have all had to deal with this question.

After we are successful and the big money and fame is rolling in, then everyone says how brave and tenacious we were. After we change the world with our work, raise our incredibly successful children, our spiritual teachings, our new ideas and business concepts, then people say we are “lucky” to be one of the chosen few as if we didn’t really work all that hard to get to that successful place.

Until that day when we are fabulously wealthy and our industry grants us superstar status, we are deemed dreamers, unrealistic, illogical, and without real direction as we diligently toil away at our work until it’s worthy of acceptance as a “real job.” Or real goals’’
Just as I was today I prayed lord to give me the heart of a child the heart of happiness, joy, loving forgetting and the one will never fear worry just smile and be happy to anything come a close!
When I look a little kids playing I always wish to be like them just innocent mind not much to worry everything is good and simple no pressure I love it if I had power I could live and help little children forever.
Too many people sleeping outside and no food just wondering why there so many brutality going on in different part of our world do we need just to keep silent and pretend nothing happening, it my hope we can get solution to our challenges and stop our brothers and sisters who are mercilessly fighting each to think of other solutions than using power for demanding what they want! We need more peace agent human and better solutions to our struggle, may we join up to preach peace and harmony in our nations.
Life would be much better and easy to everybody if we only understand the meaning of our lives our leaders can’t bring solutions if we can’t not be there with them, I love this words of martin king Luther- He said I can’t ever be who I want to be’ until you were what you want to be and you can’t be what you want to be until I am what I want to be’’ it just me and you we really know our challenges and the only person can come up with better solution is me and you, let hold hands together and say enough to our fighting enough to our hurting our brothers and sisters because they are from another tribe, let say it enough for listening to those who do not care of others but their personal interest, let say we are tired of living in fear any more! Let hold hands and move a step ahead we have severed enough and it time to woke up and say enough is enough I need peace and more love from you and am here to give it back to you!
A woman who works two jobs and raises the kids so that her husband can focus all of his attention on his entrepreneurial efforts is doing so because she truly believes in him, in his business, and that some day it will all pay off financially. Even if he fails, she believes in the dream and will most likely cheer him on to try again. Parents will pay a fortune to get the coaching and training their child needs, if they show the potential and passion of a future gold medallist. Why? Because they believe in they life long dream
As I write this to you who ever read this remember there is no peace in our world if our brothers and sisters are not so it up to me and you to make sure they got that peace and everybody will have a share of it but it will only happen if everybody agree to share and respect give back and listen and support each other.
Do not forget the gifts of those who would give their gifts to the world even if it means that they will live in poverty for doing so. The couple that chooses to live off one income so that their children can have one stay-at-home parent is making that decision with their eyes wide open. The folks who travel into Africa to give aid to the starving and the dying do not see their lack of monetary gain as important enough to quit. The entrepreneur lives on a shoestring budget so that he can create a business knowing that the world is a better place for the goods and services that his company will provide. There is a spiritual lesson and a truly heartfelt joy that comes from knowing that giving our gift is so much more important than driving a large PRADO while wearing the latest fashions. Yes, we would have liked it if a wealthy benefactor had shown up in our lives, but their absence will not stop us from moving forward with our dreams.
I can’t do this alone and you can’t do it alone that why we need each other and by doing that is using much or little of your time of looking the main conflict solution and why a brother and brother get to each other neck!
Help me and others to preach peace by sharing my note and giving more comment of what good as human can we do to bring more peaceful and one man one human world for everybody to rejoice and feel appreciated and proudly to be!
“Why don’t I get a real job?

Because the world needs my gift as much as I need to give it!
Have blessed day and peaceful one!
Uncle Ben( do not forget to keep on look out the next post!

Sep 11, 2011

Getting to voluntary organization and my social work! Part (4) Four

In 2006 I was volunteering in a school in Kibera slum one of the largest slum in world and I started seeing how youths waste a lot of time idle, gossiping and waiting for a miracle to happen which will never happen. It was more likely that they got to stealing for just a meal, got killed or end up in jail for the rest of their life.

Kibera slum

Some of the project I have done attendance or facilitated (my voluntary life and how my life changed to be a community servant).

My first work camp community development project back was in the place I was working in my first job which was organized by group of community people and group of volunteer from US I remember very well when we were in this work camp it was the time American embassy in Nairobi was bombed, and this had to distract a lot of work-camp activities,

My second work camp I had to attend was three days work-camp of prayers and tree planting in Tharaka Nithi Bridge which the community claimed to have evil spirit, the road which is used by Nairobi Meru travellers; we started the mach as it was planned from Chuka town which was organized by lobby group and kind of politic way.

After walking for a distance of about ten kilometres the procession was stopped by police who claimed to be illegal organized and distracting the peace for the road user. As normal the process could not end just like that, it was my second day to meet face to face with teargas and ugly police men with big Rugu which was used to bit people merciless. I had to run for my life and from that moment I couldn’t tell what happen just what I knew some of my friend got arrested because we were main organizer so I had to hide my self for while. But the tree were planted we did it on the next day without group we went back and plant those tree, under the bridge.

From there in Nairobi I joined this organization for the first international real huge one in 2002 in a school called Kilodi primary school in Kilifi coast province, the work camp was organized to collect class room building materials, sand, stones and others, I have not had an opportunity to share my time before with so many Muzungu(white people) like this the work camp was one of the largest camps the organization had in the year, we were about 45 volunteers all together I remember because it was my first work-camp I stayed for two weeks without even knowing the names of all the participant. Sometime if I had to talk with some but I could remember they name I pretend to have forgotten the name so the person can tell me again.

This work-camp was an eye opener for me it made me realize a lot and from interacting with other volunteers and community I learnt a lot and it really motivated in doing community work or volunteering my self serving the needy in society, I looked my self from where I was coming from how I looked life and how I was thinking of my self it changed me and made me look things more positive and from that time I realized am not just Ben who can’t do anything because I could not be able to finish up my education but I have more than I knew!

Kilifi kilodi community, as many people all over the Kenya think, if somebody come and ask you from this two community or district (Muranga and Kilifi). which one you think it has most poorest people, most people will defiantly say Muranga because in many people mind if you talk of the coast Mombasa area people there are not poor because the area is full of tourist from all over the world! The truth is me too I was thinking like this before and my surprise was when I got down there the people live yes some time happy but mostly the men’s who think always of their biggest wealth of coconut tree so they spend so much drinking the coconut wine and talking of dirty politic (this is my point of view) and how they want the so and so to be so on.

The women the poor ones the culture do not favour this women here most of mama in this community live working day and night for the family food looking for fresh water taking care of every house chaos. Sometime you meet with them carrying a big langue of food firewood, or water on their back or head and the baby on the front.

My second work camp I participated with this organization was in Vigenze primary school in western Kenya from the coast to the western Kenya was a real different, the work-camp was to help community in making the bricks for building the class room.

Do you know every where there is problem and its own kinds of challenges in western Kenya the soil is much fertile than in Kilifi but the rain is sometime too much for normal crop to grow strong, the culture is different but their have their own type of culture too.

From this work-camp I took a break and went back to my job searching and I was lucky to get a job in petrol station in Westland, first I worked like normal little service boy in cleaning and sometime I helped in washing the cars for customers. After while the owner could take me to his house (home) which is Kilirichwa one of the most richest people place I started thinking a lot why God can be able to give people such kind of good life and others very different one, after for while I was invited by the some organization to go participate in another work-camp and because of any easy way of the work I was doing and the area I was not comfortable with life I decided to quit the work and go to do that voluntary work instead.


Sep 4, 2011

My life continues adventure and learning from experience! Part Three (3)

Thank God the driving course took only a very short time but I was not ready to go back to the village. I remember the day I was to go for my test I had only ten bob in my pocket and I had to meet with this guy who helped so he can help me with fare to go back home, going for the test we had to be taken with school bus from city center to Karen south west of Nairobi and remember at the time I was living on east side of Nairobi that long way for somebody who do not now anything of Nairobi to move. After my test ended which I did like 3 pm I had to wait for result which was read by a police at five in the evening I had not managed to have real close friend in school but I knew few of the people we used to be in class with so I started panicking and trying to ask for help for some of them who told me they had only the fare for them selves to go back home, my last idea was to sleep in police station until next day so I start walking to the city center but at around seven in evening there was this one guy who was left wondering there like me so I went to him I believe he was Somali original and he told me his brother was to pick him and he does not have and cent to call his brother who as the car, which if I had little money I could give him and he call him when he come he will refund to me. By the time I knew I had only ten bob in my pocket which I knew if the worse goes to worse I can buy a Mandazi to keep me over the night, but when he told me his story I show a help because what I knew if only this guys help me get to the city center I can manage the other side because I knew the way!
That was a day and a half for me anyway I got help from his brother who was driving a huge car after explaining to them my case so they took me to a bus which was going to the city center and there I was lucky person at the end of the day.
 By the time I finished the course, my first long friend had got his own rental one-room house so I had to move to his house to wait and see if I could get a job while waiting for my driving licences which was supposed to take 3 to 4 months.
The truth is that I got my driving licences and never got that Matatu job and I have gone up and down trying all kinds of things to do in Nairobi. From house boy, Shamba boy, construction, windows fix and repair, shopkeeper, and many others. Only to find out that life is never sweet for many youths and young people even for those with their diploma or master degrees.
In Nairobi on my own life was not easy any more I had to work hard get money and know how to be independent.  
In 2002 another friend introduced me to the voluntary organization where I was given the opportunity to volunteer with a group of other volunteers from different parts of the world. From this experience everything changed and I started thinking more positive and doing more voluntary work in different community all over Kenya. I did a lot of camps; I studied community development, conflict management, leadership skill, and others. I got another career and dream, I lead the group of volunteers in community work in so many different places, and I travelled to Uganda, my neighbouring country, for voluntary work and more training for training the society of HIV/AIDS awareness in different angle such as using forum theatre.
Just follow me to see what come up next!!!

They say only the mothers know's the pain of child!

This the HCCR center a home of the children and community if only i can manage to finish up what i started here i would be the happiest man!
A woman came out of her house and saw 3 old men with long white beards sitting in her front yard. She did not recognize them. She said "I don't think I know you, but you must be hungry. Please come in and have something to eat."
"Is the man of the house home?", they asked.
"No", she replied. "He's out."
"Then we cannot come in", they replied.
In the evening when her husband came home, she told him what had happened.
"Go tell them I am home and invite them in!"
The woman went out and invited the men in"
"We do not go into a House together," they replied..
Why is that?" she asked.
One of the old men explained: "His name is Wealth," he said pointing to one of his friends, and said pointing to another one, "He is Success, and I am Love." Then he added, "Now go in and discuss with your husband which one of us you want in your home."
The woman went in and told her husband what was said. Her husband was overjoyed. "How n ice!!", he said. "Since that is the case, let us invite Wealth. Let him come and fill our home with wealth!"
His wife disagreed. "My dear, why don't we invite Success?"
Their daughter was listening from the other corner of the house. She jumped in with her own suggestion: "Would it not be better to invite Love? Our home will then be filled with love!"
"Let us heed our daughter's advice," said the husband to his wife.
"Go out and invite Love to be our guest."
The woman went out and asked the 3 old men, "Which one of you is Love? Please come in and be our guest."
Love got up and started walking toward the house. The other 2 also got up and followed him. Surprised, t he lady asked Wealth and Success: "I only invited Love, Why are you coming in?"
The old men replied together: "If you had invited Wealth or Success, the other two of us would've stayed out, but since you invited Love, wherever He goes, we go with him. Wherever there is Love, there is also Wealth and Success!!!!!!"

-Where there is pain, I wish you peace and mercy.
-Where there is self-doubting, I wish you a renewed confidence in your ability to work through it.
-Where there is tiredness, or exhaustion, I wish you understanding, patience, and renewed strength.
-Where there is fear, I wish you love, and courage.

I Found this story amazing and I thought it good to share with you in my blog some time we wish life bring miracles but it too hard for miracle to happen! If you are reading this am sure you have read other part of my life! Today my biggest wish is to make change to someone in her/his life and what I have is not enough to do all this if you are willing to help and walk with me please do not insist to contact me any time!