May 25, 2012

Have you ever reached to a point of blank point in your life!

Everybody every day, each and every one of us we dream and hope to achieve our goals in life but have ever woken up one day and felt that you can’t work anymore you can’t think any more or there is too much you need but as much you have been moving up and down to achieve your goals there is nothing so far you have accomplished yet! You have worked and worked so much but just look one day you woke and realize there is still so much you need to do to achieve your goals! Point blank
Too much politic too much noise too much of law too much of freedom! Where our world is ending to! I work every day in a very simple life style and meet many different people from different back ground but every day I found each and every one of us has kind of challenges in her or his life, my question is what went wrong to us as human being, life does not give break to relax to refresh our minds, after working so hard to achieve our day goals, week, month or year in our life there is always a point blank where you find there is one very important thing you still need you did get it! And this can leave you with no space to enjoy and rethink of all what you have done until you get it! Somebody once said everything in life is circle and it true, very true believe me of not there will be no a day you will wake up and say I have achieve more than I wanted now I can sit down and enjoy the fruits of my work! Yes majority of us we always work hard promising our self after achieving our goals we shall relax and enjoy our great fruits of our work but for sure how many of your friends or people who you know have worked for a certain period of their time in life but now they are just enjoying what they have worked for not worrying or thinking we still have one more think we need to do or get!!
From last month or two I started a field work meeting the ageing people to their home and for sure not only young or middle aged people in challenges as the says say even the rich cries does the same say could be told even the old cries!
Many people spend too much of their life worrying of small things and forget that life is not stopping and our body are not stopping growing old and end up carrying their worries till the ageing life which they could have changing when they were young.
our new partners school in Ruiru
Few days ago I visited our partner’s organization that support children in education and I was sharing with them why many children are not doing well in schooling and different challenges their face as the teachers in school! We as parent we have a lot to do to our children but majority of parent think the work of education or teaching/educating kids it only the work of teachers and also majority we think when we take our children to school they get everything they want there! It’s great to make sure our children go to school learn and be equipped with life skill but also it very very important for us like parent to make sure our children grow up respectful in society and learn behavior from school and in our home as while as life skill.
I may be a talker and listener but it not my wish to be who I am but it my desire to share, create more than human understanding which push me to be who I am today. Just the other night I had a dream in my center happily with so many children running around me and I said thank lord I worked so much I spend so much time thinking of how I can make change to someone life but you have shown me the vision I will follow it till I successes in my desire because this world you gave us we have a lot more need to be done to fulfill your mission in bringing us here!
Do you know every little small thing I do for others and I see a smile in their faces it give me motivation and challenges to know how small human can be satisfied with because most and majority of people who really need help they do not need a mountain of help but little gesture of your time mostly encouragement and direction! But why that is not possible friends just little of your time for somebody what God give you for free something you never went to school to learn or borrowed from somewhere it always yours build in you, born in you and the worse things if you do not use it well when you can, you will go with it! Humanity is all we want from each just little time of our self to share learn and be there for others…….
Today I was talking with youth who are registering for youth training by one Ngo in Kenya for different courses as part of empowering youth in development, majority of this young people aged between 18 and 26 are single mothers and when you ask them what happen or why their do not stay with children fathers, many say it because even when their got the babies they have with the guy their didn’t plan to have the child but because of the challenges their face in life they did not have any option, it was in process of searching for daily bread and so on and the worse thing’ this mistake (thing) or problem are you wish to call it is repeated several and you find a young girl under the age of 28 years with more than one child from different men! When they get the first one the go out to search for food the one they have and end up getting another lover who will provide them with food but at the end of the day’, they end up giving them a second baby. What a life??
Point blank friends when will we end up human suffering in our world and start acting like human being? If you look this kind of situation do you see a bigger challenge coming and that why mostly here in Africa poverty will never end because everyday children are born out wedlock and end up with single mother who cannot provide this children with everything their need and that the challenge we need to work on from the start relationship of girl and boy is not bad thing but if it driven blindly it keep us getting back to where we started,
The point here is education just ordinary education does not change our youth behavior but if we all behave like human care of each other and be there for each other we can end up small challenges keep pushing us backward in our life! Let think together and look your neighbors your community members as your fellow human being who need you and you need them in time of need, let us like parent think of education/ learning of our children and be the first best teachers to our children when their grow up have strong foundation to guide them in life challenges.
My greatest dream/wish in life is to build one kid at time a better strong and healthful foundation which will bring not only for her/her benefit but the whole society if life allow me today finish up the center am building and manage to create few income generating activities for the center will do great and try reach as many soul as I can!
Just wishing all my great follower of Uncle Ben blog and Hope Blog happiness in their life and thanking you so much for your time hoping one if God keep us a together sharing one day my today words you will see them as activities! Be blessed and remember making a change to someone life it does not need so much of earthly materials but one’s personal interest!
Uncle Ben