Aug 27, 2012

Love is giving and forgiving and be there for each other!!

When I was little I learnt to be honest and go for what I want even if is crying I could do it to make sure my mum give me what I want but now I have grow up still I go for what I want but the different there is no one to cry for to demand of what I want unless my lord who is the provider and giver of everything we want in this world.
Every day of my life I ask myself this the some question every day why the world is so much unfair to many innocent human being and what I can do to make change to someone life get rid of the sorrow and sadness plus stress of poverty and make that someone rejoice the fruits of been human.
Just it is the other day I was discussing with my colleagues the challenges of us as youth and how many thousands of young people who have finish their schooling and still jobless and still how many could not finish up that schooling for one reason or another and too are jobless! How can we change the situation if the love which we were taught by our mother faded away is it true love is forgiving, giving and be there for each other? (that my question to you today)!
How many of us belief in this love? I once promised myself to be the best and serve those I can to my level best be a role model to my society and my fellow youth and our children for the sake of love because I believed in love and thought love is the greatest gift we can offer to our world and to each other.
I have seen and heard of great people with a lot of properties a lot of money and proudly and lively in their life but none of them take away of their wealth with them to the grave the only left memories of them.
Life is best when we has human practice the three words in our daily duties loving, forgiving and giving how can we be if there is no pure love how can we be happy if there is no forgiving from our friends how can it be if we are not given support, assistance in our daily lives?
There is a lot of evil and unrest if we luck the three words in our life’s just for example I was looking for the news in our one Nation Tv station on the violence between two tribes in Coastal Kenya and current for just of small thing which started with one man losing his life it has extended to over 50 people lives and animals because the community lucked the three basic words love, forgiving and giving. If we show love to our neighbors’ and forgive to go against our wishes and give/ or share the little we have with love there will be no conflict of any, love is greatest weapon we has human God provided us for free.
This my story this my life (when I started writing about myself and thought if I join my words and create my blog even today I do not know who read it who knows about me  but I will never give up writing when I can and express my feeling and desire to this life because no one knows time or hour, one day I will go and go and I will not be able to talk write see meet and tell people of what I think but today I have that opportunity to share write and tell you what I think and whom I am and intend to do or wish to!
When the day will arrive I will go and I will be in peace and happily and I will be glad maybe somebody somewhere will read my words get inspired and do what I wished in my time on her/his time,
Do you know how many times I have cried on my bed and wished the morning will bring a new day with blessed where human will turn to each other and realize we are all equal and by the end of the day we are searching for one thing? Love, success, satisfactions and feel human (by been recognized by others) and we cannot achieve this if every day we work on our personal benefit but if we wake up and realize the success of my neighbors’ or my friends is benefit to us too that the day the world will be filled with love and complete happiness.
When I started reading this book written by Ani Kalayjian and Donique Eugene (mass trauma and emotional healing around the world) it acted as an eye opener for another opportunity of rethinking how in millions years million’s human being we have kept been a victim of disasters, weather natural or human-made, Doctor Ani she said the world need more meaningful healing and I agree with her 100% our world need more than just gospel preaching there so much need to equalize people mentally and spiritual to work together with a common goal.
For the world to be the way we want it to be we have to work extra mile together to understand each and everyone else goal and start filling the gap’s which as human we have ignored for a long time, it you or me who can make the change to our world to make it much more meaningful, peaceful, better and a world where every human is respected and recognized with his/her personality of love and wishes.
I want and it my dream to share and find a solution to help those in need and my situation it’s not promising on my own and it my hope because that what keep me one day one person among many millions of human will find a way for me and hold my hand and walk with to my path to help and do as my wishes…..
Lastly for today everything we have is God’s gift in this world and only him can prove the wrong and the right I maybe not the best or good as you may wish but what I have and I am it’s great than what you may think! If you wanna help do it not for me but for others who will benefit from it am only the bridge which need repair but still can help you pass to the other side. May the true love of forgiving and giving walk with you and guide you toward building much better meaningful world for every human to rejoice and feel belonged!
Thanks and best wishes
Uncle Ben!!