Aug 27, 2011

some of my story with photos!PART ONE (1) photo’s

Nairobi city life is more dark than you can see!
 Reaching Nairobi for the third time with a lot of expectations and no longer as a school boy or in a hurry, I believed I would go back home rich with big money and help many children and youth in my community
this me and my friend crystal she become more than a friend to me and helped me a lot in building YVC and HCCR encouraged me and give me support any time in need!

 I love moving around visiting our beautiful nature and to be happy with what we have in our country! this is giraffe center Nairobi and that Mr giraffe welcomed me here. I used to do tour guide within Nairobi and it neighbors so if you plan to be Nairobi i can show you some place!
 Me and two of my friends from Germany Kristina and Stephine visited me some time back and we had great time together!
I love the nature and when it's dirty with garbage it make me sick so whenever i have time and opportunity i wish i can do something!

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