Aug 27, 2011

Ben Life -childhood to growing up!PART ONE (1)

What life!
This is my story from deep in my heart I will start by saying people who have easy life are weak, hardship is our friend and it make us who we are (strong), we must also develop an appreciation and awareness of the fact and changing we perceive our selves through learning and understanding and we can have real impact on how we interact with others and how we conduct our daily lives. 
     Life will never be as we wish!
My name Benjamin M Mwenda, the current director and the founder of youth volunteer for change (YVC) from 2006-2011. YVC is a small organization for empowering youth in community development through voluntarism. I am also the founder of Hope children and Empowerment center (Runyenjes, Embu province).
I was born in Embu, Runyenjes District, Kyeni North location in a small village where the life of many villagers there is not so poor or so rich. The majority of the community are farmers of cash crops (such as coffee) and other subsistence crop.
Embu/Runyenjes is on the slopes of Mt Kenya where the population size is not so high in some areas and where the most populated areas are located on the line which is close to Nairobi Meru road.
As coffee is the main cash crop in the area, most people were heavily dependent on the production of coffee for everything. When I was little, the coffee was a really good business for the farmers. I think I was in class (3) three then. That good situation changed from good harvest good income and up to today many farmers are no longer able to gain sufficient income from the crop. That is why so many were forced to remove the crop or abandon its cultivation for other subsistence crops.
For this reason and because of my father’s death, I was left an orphan with a single mother who used to be a housewife so she could not manage my father’s work and feed all the children and get enough money for our education.
As a young 12-year old boy I had to leave my family to work for my own school fees and other requirements, such as books, exams money, and my own clothes.
I struggled up to class 8 where I did national examination and passed well with something like B-, a sufficiently good grade to join high school. However, I was not even thinking about this because for sure I knew my mum could not raise the money for high school, but I had still a little bit of hope that I could go to high school if I got a good job.
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