Aug 29, 2011

Few of my past memories with friends and me in photos! enjoy it!PART TWO (2) photos

children activities
What I love most is talking with little children guiding the in life and supporting them where I can, this is one my partner’s children home in Nyanza!

kibera Slum school i used to teach as volunteer!
HCCR my dream home for the children at night we organize camp fire with friends dance and enjoy life,
HCCR children out for break am so happy when I see them study and enjoy they life and I can do everything to see them happy.
dance make the day better

My friend Hanne from Denmark
I love be together and feel part of community

youth event we work together plan together

Thanks for great volunteers who joined to make my dream come true
teaching youth and sharing at night
My friends from Germany
yes i volunteer and made the change
doing little community work it's give you feeling you are something

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