Mar 21, 2013

Looking back in our life sometime it give us courage to keep going!

It just few years back when I started my work in voluntary, in different place in our country and from that time I have met so many people who come in my life in one way or another and am really glad I met those people last night I COULDN’T sleep and my mind took me back in those days and great moment with friends from different part of the world….

It took me in this sometime in life when I meet old friends, it remind Me how quickly time passes and it make me wonder if we’ve utilized our time properly or not, proper utilization of time is so important while we have this body and especially this amazing human brain, I think every minute is something precious our days to day existence is very much alive with hope although there is no guarantee of our future, there is no guarantee that tomorrow at this time we will be here, but still we are working for that purely on the basis of hope, so we need to make the best use of our time, I belief that the proper utilization of time is this.
If you can serve others people other sentient being if not at least refrain from harming them, I think that is the whole basic of my philosophy (Dalai Lama)

This and many others personal message I come a close my books when my mind turn back in those emotions moment of thinking of my life, but the truth is I miss some great moment and great friends I shared time with but the truth is whenever I read some of their messages their give me courage, and motivation to keep working on and on, last week I held YVC generally meeting which was one of successful plan this year.
As I said and I keep saying in life we have option to make the right decision in our life and move on but sometime we are surrounded by so many challenges and demand which pulls us out of our goals, and that why we need each other to bring us to our line back to our goals and so on…

This year I am looking to achieve great things am not sure how but I have that belief in my soul and mind…
kindly share in my blogs you views ideas and suggestion and i would be glad to hear anything from my friends 
Uncle Ben

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