Mar 8, 2013

Letter to You from Uncle Ben! 2013

Dear Friend!! 2013
Some time in life we given opportunity to prove ourselves, judge ourselves and reflect our background, a break to think and rethink of things we wish to achieve in life…
I have gone all this through and thought so much about my life my work and everything I do in my life, recently I have gone and still going through hard/difficult time in life, loosing my laptop with all information in it, was the hardest hit for now but I didn’t loose hope and I did know it continuously of my challenges, but I kept hope and still I have hope my challenges are just passing by one day things go as per my wish…
As I started some time in life we get time to refresh our mind look things different and come up with few or one or two most important things we wish to achieve in life. My time of difficult and challenges has given more time for this and I have looked so much my back group, time  I shared with most of my great friends, project I have worked on things I have done promised myself and lastly the great continues support I have got from you all,
As my friends in one way or another am proud and am glad I got opportunity to meet with great lovely kind and compassionate friends like you and for that I have managed to do greats things in life which I always say I managed to do so because of you and your kindness love support, motivation you shown to me and that what keep me in my difficult time… like now,  I know and I wished today to have achieved a lot but in one thing or another I have not achieved everything and many things I wished to achieve by year 2013..
Let me say there are so much running up and down in this mind for now but the truth is I can not even be able to write it all, here but I have request to ask for each one of you, my greatest goal, desire and wish in my life and what give me sleepless night in life is to complete my children center, where I plan to use the center to host facilitate children and support them in education, am sure you all knows why this is my greatest desire in life! Am victim of luck of proper good, education luck of good support in my childhood, and I believe if we wanna help or make change, in the future is to  ray a strong foundation for our children in education as the key to their future success..  in line of my work I have met so many youth’s who in one way or another they overcome life challenges which was developed from childhood..
Today my children center (HCCR) has been not actively working as I wished by now to be, not even organization I am key founder for about five years ago today- and which I put all my commitment, effort, dedicated  and facilitated all activities as much as I can, and as one of my way of earning income for myself, our main challenges today is from last year things turned to be so hard, due to politic, and our neighbors terrorist attack  and fight with Somalia… and from this challenges our source of income got closed and we did not have any other means of fund’s or donors to support our organization activities..
All this my life has gone from bad news to worse in getting few even personal basic need’s but I thanks few of my friends who never left me alone still in small and great honest and trust they have been helping in one way or another..
Current am planning to build a new team to work and to YVC organization for the next level, but for me am hoping little by little to raise some funds which will enable me complete face one and two of HCCR and take my retirement from Nairobi life go to the village work full time on my greatest life desire and dream…
Face one and two include complete Guest house where anyone of you or volunteers who will come to visit us will find a better save comfortable house to rest sleep and work.
The other one we need to complete is dormitory and equip one with beds and other temporally with educational material and other day to day center business and last one for face one& two is income generating activities, while looking for other means of facilitating all other activities or programs for our center we need to have at list one income generating at the center.
Now here is where I need your help, I know we can if we only wish and willing to help and make change… just look at me I have nothing and I had nothing,’’ but because I got that desire to make change and great people like you who motivated me, helped me got trust in me and worked with me for the past five years I have managed to keep this two organization a live which is not easy and am sure there many who in one way or another have greatly benefited from it..
So why not you and me together work just one more extra mile together to move this a step ahead….am sorry when things turn to money issue many people do not want to get involved I have lost friends, very close friends because of money issue but I always say use of money is only to facilitate what our small hand can not.. And it becomes the biggest evil in the race of human being because even great lover can separate because of just money issue…
Let first look the goal and achievement of project, the needy child in village who need me and you are only hope for them…
Kindly am sure with your help time we can achieve this goals together does mean you need to contribute with money to help me, but ideas information and your motivation can be of great change to this Hope Goal, share with me any idea, information or if you like to donate materials, such as books, old computer or anything which can be used in the center, kindly I would be glad to hear from you for those would like to donate cash – kindly  for now am using one bank, Due to current challenges financially I couldn’t manage to keep other organization accounts –
So you can deposit your donation to
MY Accounts- kindly  write to me ask for it will give it to you!!!!

Thanks for you time hope to hear and share more with you help me to fulfill my desire goals in helping and molding a child in life…
My grandma used to tell me if you do well you do it for yourself …
LOVE             Uncle Ben

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