Sep 6, 2012

What is most important operation Linda Nchi or operation linda mwananchi?

Or who is fooling who now, who will be the victim at the end of the day?
Just the question is who will be the victim at the end of the day! Where are we heading to what will be the future of our children it on the other day most media news hit on our doors with this unsolved issues between our government and our teachers ‘’Industrial Court Judge Pyrum Ongaya issued orders on Friday declaring the teachers strike unconstitutional following an application by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC), Teachers on Saturday said they would proceed with their planned strike in defiance of the court order’’ (story courtesy of daily nation)
Operations in most public schools have been paralyzed as the teachers strike over pay started.
In many schools, pupils were sent home while in others, the learners revised alone in classrooms as their teachers either idled away in staffrooms or attended union meetings when all this going to end and we respect and stop destroying the innocent children mind!! Truly not only teachers with this stress on financially budgeting and economy difficult, last two weeks away doctor in specific hospital like our national hospital Kenyatta went on strike too leaving the sick un attendance, who is the victim at the end of the day?
Everybody talk of economy stress business not going on well and so on a normal Kenyan life has become too much work and working and result you get only basic needs which it is not even enough to cover everybody in the family needs and other necessary like education and medical bills.
It only the other day I was discussing with youth in Kawangware about our environment and how we as youth we need to come up with idea of cleaning and educating our society of environmental but by the end of the day we all had question to our selves, yes we pay tax today, some places like Nairobi have introduced house owners to pay for house tax revenue for their houses and it the other day the mayor of Nairobi was saying a lot of money is collected from house revenue but the question is where is the money taken from all collection made? The cabbage sewage is all over our street, tax we pay house revenue we pay but who will be the victim at the end of the day!
Yes we all need to think of something to change our society and volunteer our service but every time nothing will come out just like that if we need to mobilize youth and society we need little cash to do so but who is ready to cheap in and contribute for this noble idea? That one of the challenge we have today in our society…. Today I was talking with a friend of mine from France she was shocked after visiting Kibera slum and got to walk inside the slum and what she show she told me not even cow or goat in France are accepted to live is such environment and she told me after seeing this she cried for that emotions of not understanding what happening here…. Life can be such unfair sometime I always say this most of time and some of us cannot understand why life is like this! But’’By the end of the day who is the victim?
Back to the school children and the teachers everybody has freedom to express themselves and right to claim for their right but the question is when two bulls fight who is the victim by the end of the day, our innocent children who to blame? Am not sure who!!! But for sure our future is in our hands friends, something need to be looked upon just imagine for sure this is the end of year and the most crucial time for some of the students in primary/secondary level upgrading to the next level, what are we adding in such children mind if their left alone when they really need us for proving what they have been doing for all primary level or secondary, fear trauma which leaves them without option but to start judging the world the way their want.
Yesterday again the talk between the teachers and the government failed that means our children they are not going to school soon it has to take another twist for our leaders to come up with solution and who are the victim at the of the day!
The truth is most of the students who are found in the middle of this game between our government and teachers are the children from very poor family who can’t be able to take their children in private school and all the result of this you do not need to ask, how can they compete with others by the end of year when they time was wasted and left alone to study by themselves where others get first hand support from well motivated teachers in their private school.
The true is everything is not fair not for the children or their teachers every worker I am sure you agree with me on this, to perform well in their working place they all need motivation’ just tell me how can a teacher concentrate in classroom teaching the children while his/her mind thinking for dept she/he need to repay? Even if we want to help our society and change the future of rich getting much richer and poor getting much poorly we have to start looking the fact our poor family children can’t perform well in school because those who teach them they are not well yet and that give those other high position on high school and universities that means when we get back to employer they look for our back ground of our performance and who get the high Job? Who’s the victim again?
There is a Swahili proverb which says ‘‘mnyonge hana haki’’ or Fimbo la mnyonge halina nguvu (A feeble man's stick has no strength) and it really truth if justice can be uplifted and given fairly to everybody we could have be matching today to a freedom of poverty and inequality in our societies, and that why I will never stop to feel bitter everyday as I woke up because once I kept asking myself when I show this slogan of American which says ‘’God for us all but everybody on his own’ how can this be if God is for love why we abandon our brothers and sister and if am not wrong the bible say God made a man of his own creation’, how do we resemble God if we do not care of each other as her does?
Injustice, violence, corruption, dishonest, conflict and unrest will follow us human everyday of our life even if we work mile and mile of sharing just empty words because we refused to accept the truth and do the necessary action to solve our different and accept the reality, which is very simple every human deserves respect and support from each other  and money and wealth will never bring peace or love at home but create indifferent which will always contribute injustice, violence, corruption, dishonest and conflict and unrest for human race.
Some time small conflict, anger, disrespect and misunderstanding which come in between us human being are coursed by our own ignorance and selfish which start with those small things we think they do not involve us. Human history tell a lot of behaviors and so on  and most of conflict we see in our nations it all start with life frustration which make the peaceful and respective man to change and be inhuman.
 Lastly I would like to say I may not be the perfect guy or who you think I am today but what I Pray every day when I wake in the morning is to see another day with more human and caring people who are ready to bring change in our nations and think of more than money and wealth for happiness and peaceful world.
If we can take few minute to harmonize our thinking starting with ourselves then look means of harmonizing our world by doing the right thing and support every human as per need’s and not as their can prove it’’ we can have much better peaceful working nations and where every human being will feel at home and spread that humanitarian to each other.
Education is the key to success’’ once they said so, but if it’s the key why not embrace it and give every child equal opportunity to get silver or gold key for the successful future. I always love talking and giving example with myself as I am the victim too, why I am the victim for sure I did get education like many learned friends and as founder of two great organizations of my life time mission, everyday is a challenge for me when I put myself in the world of educated and researcher of humanitarian funding resources. Information I find sometime keep me asking myself were this fund met for the poor or rich educated fellows?
I believe if you want to help me, one use the language I understand, give me rule’s which goes under my condition, make my search and help simple, so I can benefit and be able to do as my wish and show you what am capable of! Last I live in life which offer me so little or limited technologies, so spare me stress of wasting what I could have used for my lunch or dinner, by using it in struggling with technologies so that I can please you and the end of the day you just write three or few sentence to say we are sorry you do not qualify for funding!! Or nothing at all’ hope’s which will never arrive! Friends hope you get this the innocent poor guys like me we spend a lot of time in internet filling forms online trying to search for fund to help our society we sacrifice (skip lunch or dinner) so you can save just enough for credit to be in internet so you can fulfill the other guys need but by the end of the day maybe you will not be able to fill all information you need because you are limited to internet by your pocket or others circumstance!
 Now a day’s also becoming much difficult most organization which funds other organization want you to go online discuss on funding why will this people understand our needs we do not look for fund because we can but because we are poor and I mean poor financially which leaves us with not so much opportunity to spend a lot because it is not available!
What a world for the poor guy who is trying to search for the meaning of life? Why why life is so unfair but I still ask myself is it life or people? Who are not fair to each other?
To all my friends thanks for those been reading my letters please kindly to help me one day in my life to reach for my goals because I believe we are all passing by this world and one day I will but before I go I would like to leave my words and little what I can do now to be seen by the other generation share with friends or let me know if there is a way you can be able to help me fulfill my goals and I would be glad to hear from.
Always and forever truly and honest

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