Sep 10, 2012

Been you its Great thing’ but been somebody else it’s impossible

Once we all have our difficult time and time in life when things does not work as per our wish and wished to change everything but the fortune does not come over night, I may be the dumpiest or unlucky dude but for sure we always say every dog has it day!
I once dreamed to be happiest helping the needy in our society and seeing the changes in our society where people wake up to achieve their goal and feel happy and be part of society where everyone care and help each other.
I know I WROTE and I will keep doing so for those around my circle I have talked a lot of things I may have begged for thousands of time’s for your help but how I can stop or say nothing while am still in need of your help! If I have power over my hand to ask and change and have everything I need today I would be happiest Guy in the world and I will move the mountain, bring joy where there is sadness, build and prepare the better future for those need it and share only the happiest moment and greatest news every day of my life.
To those few who have not noticed this is one of my difficult year of all it not yet end but I Have a lot of complication issues and my work resulting to nothing as income to serve my living I have tried few other things just to earn living but it does not cover enough my personal and other needs requirement to serve and do as I wish to do for organization and our programs.
The other day I was ashamed I had to call for a meeting with my youth colleagues to talk of our coming plan event but it happen to me I did not have even fare to take me to the meeting not even a money to do print out or buy a cup of tea for myself and other youth as part of motivation.
What a shame I wish I could drop my title now and say am just a village farmer but the question is do we still have enough land to do farming? Ooh no I do not think so even that will not help! So what now Ben’ what a best way to earn living?
When am down and stressed up or let not say stressed but worried of one thing or another because I feel I need this or that I always try to find solution by myself get out talk with people share or keep it by myself for while because if everybody is not Benjamin there are those who would love to help and those who wait to hear and ‘’say him again’’ or those who wait to see you fail and go down and ‘’say bravo we knew he can’t go far’’!!
Anyway let me just say if you can, I will be glad to share and hear from you, if you can help well it would great thing for me if you know something much better which we can help each other earn living I will be much more glad to hear from you!
There many people who give me courage and am so glad to have them and their support even writing this small message I could not be able to write if not them, their support me get credit get internet to share learn and listen and hear what others doing in the other world. Thanks a lot, also those give promise advice, acknowledgement, write back, and share with friends, or challenges me, am glad to have you and hear and share with you!! Asante Sana (thanks a lot)
Kindly IF you get this message you are special and I personally invite you to share with me your personal view of overcoming current economic challenges we are facing and also if you can you can join me in my blog at
I may not the best writer but I try to express myself as much as I can the other day a friend said to me why always  seem so unhappy as you used to be, tell me friend how can  I be like I used to be after trying for more than five years working to make change but I have became challenge myself because every day I learn I found new challenges which come from those in needs but poor Ben he still not achieved his goal to manage change those sorrow and sadness moment in other people life.  
Today my body, my work, my challenge it is only mine when am sleeping in my bed, my mind is mine only when am deep in my sleep why because every day every time I wake up I start thinking of what I started and other poor people challenges and what I can do to change someone life as it my goals in my life, my life today does not value anything if I can’t do something for somebody else, my life today worth nothing if I can’t see a way of achieving my Goals which is to bring change to somebody else life.
So How can I be happy if when or what I try does not bear fruits?  A mother happiest moment is to see her children happy feed up and with satisfaction, Father happiest moment is to see his children got every basic needs and progress in life,  and everyone has his/her happiest moment so do not judge me by been who I am but I wish you can put yourself in my shoes.
If YOU wanna help there is always an open door and there is so many ways of helping but you have to choose wisely which way you want to help and what kind of help you can over and remember every one is special you are special too and we are all unique with different talent, potential wisdom and power to make change to someone life…. Start today to think or quick look up and think of what you can do to safe somebody else life… it never too late or it can be too late anyway and then you are left saying I WISH  I knew I could done something! Do not WAIT for that moment it not promising one so do something while you can at the right time and right place…….
Lastly Uncle Ben continues please can you be my motivation mentor and follower – I WOULD much happy to hear your comment and anything! May God bless you and give those beliefs in him changing one soul at time and making life possible for those who need our support to fulfill our mission in this world.
May you have Good day, Great week, blessed month, brilliance year!
Uncle Ben

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