Sep 21, 2012


Now it seems like Kibaki administration ending with his promise of free education while the private schools are getting too expensive.  What happening to our children who can’t afford the private school! Where is their Future!! Are we expecting to reduce the gap or leave it for the rich becoming more richer and poor more poorer! If our Mp’s are really honorable as it is’ they could now have resolved this issue already by cutting little of their salaries to a certain percent to go to the teachers.
Kenyan we need to wake up majority of us we work 24/7 and pay taxi for everything if your neighbor child does not get better education not only your neighbors will feel the pain belief me or not it will reach to your house too…
Today is the third week from when Kenyan school teachers started strike and our children are continued staying home and hopeless mothers are getting worries but the worse of it is how our leaders talk and it seem not even the big boss of our education offices worries so much because none of their children go to those public school.
Just to take you back in time when our current parliament house took place, the first big thing those guys did was to add their salaries, they did not even consult the Kenyan but they decided to raise their salaries and just like that they did it! So why not the teachers who provided them with that skills in education and knowledge they have today why not give them what their want why not make them happy sure their can bring much better brighter Kenya!
Just to make the matter worse for the past almost two years majority of our politician what they do is to move up and down campaigning for themselves do you know how much money their use moving up and down and how much of that money can be used to educate the poor Kenyan?
A few months ago there was money to increase the salaries of civil servants; the MPs increase their salaries and benefits when they feel it is appropriate for them. It was very convenient for nearly the entire government to go for the Olympics in London and what is disturbing is the rate at which our government officials are going for international trips some of which are not adding value to the general growth of the state.
As I was writting this letter today i found this post of my of my friends in Facebook and liked it because it just what i was thinking ‘’ Those of us who have time to read the famous book Shamba la Wanyama “The Animal Farm” and take a great look at our Kenyan society, we can for sure see many things resembling. A situation where there are individuals who are more equal than other, where some people cannot be questioned and that their orders are meant to be the binding law’’
Where our economy taking us now only God Knows’ I keep saying and I will say it again and again if we wanna change the future we have to start it now and work it now by doing what right and great for our children and that why my heart my mind tell me in my life the best thing I can do for this world is to help a needy child in education so I can help her or him for the better future.
This week I have been busy up and down trying to help our partnership organization in planning of their upcoming event of support the Ageing people by giving them free medical treatment, nothing is easy for the poor/needy  people  to get it and for sure I have learn a lot of this and I wonder when our world will reach to where health care is offer to everybody with cheap price, in the sometime I was watching the other day news our doctors too are on the strike, Kenyan pay a lot of money for the medical insurance cover which already enough to pay our doctors but what happening today it not fair for the ordinary Kenyan who cannot afford  special service from schooling and health care…
That why I keep saying and saying we have to rethink and work together in empowering our young one’s in education because that where all our challenges start because at the end of the day when two bulls fight who suffers –( the grass) the children who their parent cannot afford private school, our sick people who can not to get services from private hospital, our youth who are Jobless and every needy Kenya who need help from the above to achieve or get those service which now it has become nightmare.
My cry to friends and people of good will is to rethink and see where we can make change to our human development, it is too bad only the other day I WAS going through most of funding organization and try to search evaluate which organization can be able to fund us as small organization or other small community based organization, but my surprises is most of organization conditions are too high and requirement is for only who already have climbed the ladder out of poverty,
Today’s technologies help everything and make things much easy and fast but how many needy people have that opportunity to access that technology?  If you want to help the most needy person down there in village who cannot tell the different between TV and computer.. Realty can you tell me how that guy will be able to express or go online to fill the requirement so he can get fund to develop his community.
We climb ladder too fast and move very fast and forget our main goal is to lift the needy leave them there and keep feeding the rich guys pocket and making them more richer because they have what we want or give information as we want but forget who really need that help!
The world is moving so fast yes all of us too who work for humanitarian we need to move in the same direction but our ladder need to be of different not like for a business person who only his/her business goals is to gain more and more – think of those down in village where only the technology they have is phone and if they want to request for fund is only a pen and paper and if their lucky get somebody to help them type or print.
To end my point here, kindly let look our policy of funding and strategic of how we plan reaching the most needy people believe me or not if you live in Kibera for example or living and working under one dollar a day to find enough for just food and basic need if you can be able to save enough for other requirement such as cyber for internet service maybe you will be able to save one dollar a week.. Fact how long can you stay connected for only $1 (dollar)
Lastly do as you wish our world is full of potential people, people with great opportunity, career, talent and wealth but we will never or have that freedom to feel safe or protected, when others keep wishing if they can be in the same position with us! And to make our world better, peaceful and where every human feel cared we have to try lift the one we left behind by offering them the right service or need as their capacity.
Thanks --- look out for my next letter of How Youth are Mislead by luck of opportunity (been in wrong place or in wrong company just to gain acknowledge or daily bread)
 At the sometime I will be talking of what plan we have in partnership with other small youth organization (involving Youth in leading in community health and awareness, in sanitation, peace building, and role model for better society)
In God will – keep in touch and informed
Uncle Ben

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