Dec 4, 2011

Great day start in the morning

Dear friend!! Once upon a time I thought the world is not fair and there is nothing to offer to others and I found my life useless and meaningless, but for sure I was wrong and so far from my goal, life could be much better for everybody if we only understand the purpose of life.
Volunteering is the key goal in understanding our mission in life if I didn’t take time to volunteer myself and learn from other people challenges, even today I could have been in darkness thinking world is not fair.
From that day up to today I keep my focus and I have met so much good people in the world who are working day and night to improve life of others human being and from the 60 to 80% of these people none of them knew from the first time what life has for them and if by volunteering was an eye and mind opener to their life time dream, giving you an opportunity to understand yourself from other knowing meaning the purpose of life.
Youth Volunteer for Change (YVC) it come as dream to empower Youth and from the start nobody knew if really we can be able one day to be working together with other big organization in world and Kenya sharing the great moment and encouraging other people in our society mainly young people to give their time morally in volunteering and understanding they meaning in life!
Working with Youth Volunteer for Change has given me more and more experience and opened more opportunity to meet with great people from different parts of the world, apart from that it has given me an opportunity to share with many volunteers my experience and give them support as while as different community in Kenya.
In the year 2012 our aim as Youth Volunteer for Change and our community partners is to educate more and recruit more volunteers in sharing with needy society among our goal in empowering youth, children women and community in large.
And for this to happen we can’t do it alone and that why we say ‘’Together we make change’’ we are inviting partners, volunteers and our friends to join us in recruiting more volunteers and helping us get organization or other people who support and can be there in education/training and making our social event reality.
Change start from you and me in our little things we do to others help us today and tomorrow we shall have better peaceful and full of passionate people who care and be there for each other!

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