Nov 29, 2011

If given an opportunity what could you do!

my dream center for information exchange center!

It is true ladies out there ("The average woman would rather have beauty than brains, because the average man can see better than he can think’’) am not sure if this work out to everybody but it is not me who said so but I disagree with whoever thought of this! If it work’s it just for while but we need much more wise women than beautiful and am sure whoever said in the most successful men there is always a women behind!!
If only wishes were horses!  I could turn my world upside down dig and reveals all the best secret knowledge to my make my world and those around me better, once in my life I was nothing I did know anything at all, my thought was like a little child because I was and I grow with that for a long time until I become an adult. And now today I know what I want in my world which is much better than what I knew when I was a child.
Do you even realize every day everybody is working up and down to get enough information which can empower him/her on the daily life desire to success? This part of my story for those who do not know me, I was born just like any other kids in normal Kenyan village where kids grow up and struggle everyday for their life and so on… I did not have that good opportunity as some of us here who are lucky to have both parent working and supporting them in education or giving them what they want when they want it, but I never feel bad because of that it was great experience which give me even today courage to keep on and on because if I do not get it today I believe tomorrow is another day.
But for little time I shared my time with my both parent even if I was little kid I can tell and I can feel that love and support and that my other side of story which I would like to share with you today! In life nobody suggest where you want to born or what kind of life you want to live after your birth, it something only God or those who believe in Nature can explain! And it matters a lot where and how your life start from childhood to adult.
The key goal to every human is information and as all we know information is knowledge and the information is the medicine of our heart and it fertilize to our wisdom. Do you know  about maybe 80% of person’s not one was or born illiteracy we are almost all born with our five or six sense of human which we are guided by our parent and our teachers and our friends and then the world to use them and achieve our goal in life.
My mission in this world is one and day and night I dream I work I search for more and try to bring it to reality, in our life as human as gone from simple imagination to great imagination where in the world things have changed so much and become more easy and fast for some people but still we have a lot of others in darkness. Information as the key to success there are thousands and thousands of our brothers and sister who cannot access it, one of my friends she told me education does not end and teaching is not done only in class but it can be done everywhere and it true, today I am learning things which I never expected from you my friends and am sure am the lucky one to have this opportunity which enables me to access to this knowledge information.
My key question was if you have an opportunity what can you do? For the past years I have been working and working day and night try bringing youth together to share information organizing programs which can help them get exposure to that key to success, ‘information’ it my dream and my desire one day I will create one of the greatest platform where youth can meet educate each other by sharing experience information which can empower each other to overcome life challenges, understanding, peace love building and conflict free world where everybody feel respected and supported by each other, where human being have common understanding in life we are all equal and no one alone is mountain of him/her self.
That my mission one and my other mission which is my future and my present desire is to have a center for helping the children and not only the children but everybody who believe in sharing and interacting and creative ideas to support those in need, the center today as I write this is my greatest achievement of little progress, today  life is difficult and I can’t do a lot in developing this center but believe me or not I have nothing and am not thinking of going for the loan because I can’t get one. but am sure it will be complete soon and when it complete it will be a center of greatest history of knowledge experience and information sharing plus childhood molding encouraging and teaching only for the best to wake up the six sense and make them for better use.
Maybe when you are reading this you are wondering what Ben up to? Nothing at all other than you I need your attention as you have seen and understand my greatest desire is to share information and learn and become the role model as best as I can. All this I can’t do it alone, I need you, I need you in board not outside but also it depend with you as you wish to help me share and fulfill my mission or stay a side a look keeping your distance.
I need information and I need your support I need professional who can help me to fulfill my desire and my goal in life, I said before and I will say it again no one is mountain of him/her self we all need each other to survive and this the only way we can be able to help each other today’s is me tomorrow it maybe you or your friend and the world can’t be at peace or harmony if we can’t be able to work together to reduce the gap between who can and who can’t! Join me and others to preach peace, by showing little love in sharing our knowledge experience and information which can change or move a beggar from street to the markets place.
I Am not the right or am not your mind, I make mistake and am not perfect but am just trying to do what I believe in and think is good for the human kind. (How happy a man is, is not how much he has but how little he needs)
I need more improvement here  or
Thanks, always till the end!!!
Uncle Ben

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