Oct 29, 2011

Join me and others molding the future of our children!

What can you offer and greatest Christmas gift to our children?
Many people in world believe Christmas it time to celebrate with their family and others believe it time to go crazy drink and eat, what you didn’t have for long time!
What do we need? Of course all children need the basics we all need...a place we can live in dignity, education life skills training, work...ectera...Yet more than this, particular children/youth that are demonstrating an interest in becoming the future leaders of their communities and/or countries...they need people that can help them realize their own inherent, "building capacity" that they are naturally born with.. They don't need people that assume that their capacity is "low emergent or must be "built.
Each one of us has our own talents and skills regardless of our socioeconomic background or the "special population/at-risk" group we may have been stereotyped and categorized into. As part of humanity we have something powerful to offer to the world and to contribute to its development. We just need opportunities that help us to discover what those talents are...

Young leaders need people that believe in them, don't think they know everything, have the courage to take a chance on helping them make their dreams happen, are ready to listen and strong enough to stick around when the going gets tough. For a professional this means learning to be patient, humble, and preferring to be "directed and/or "lead". Not an easy task but it can have amazing and oftentimes transformative results.
One day as I was thinking and looking my life back I did know what I can do to bring change in our society but as proverb says Hucheka kovu asiye kuwa na jeraha as it in English (He laughs at scar who has received no wound) I decided as far am a live I will do my best to help those I can and looking for December holidays as biggest holiday we have in Kenya and from my experience I decided in every year I will try to do something for the children educating them of their future career and making sure they enjoy they Christmas like anybody else.
Volunteering is matter of everybody responsibility we all have special talent and gift which we can use to help those in need this year I was planning to hold two event in Kibera (soccer tournament) and Embu (Hope Children and empowerment center) to have one in one discussion with children while celebrating Christmas together but due to the challenges I have seen in front maybe am going to have only one event at Hope Children center and it my request and my hope I will be able to share with the children my career experience and Christmas together!
Sharing and giving hope to those need it in our society is the greatest Christmas gift we can have, love is matter of showing those need you care and been simple and been there for somebody else does not change who you are and what you believe in! The future of our nation depend with us today whatever we do the greatest wish is to we can give back to our God and the nature for proving us with greatest environment with peace, health wisdom and life is by sharing our love and been compassionate to others.
As I said on the start the words are not enough we need more action we need people who can stand up and be counted in helping our young/youth people in growing up in more than just a world of humanity but the world full of hope and love….
Share with me your thought ideas and we shall make that change we believe in!

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