Oct 26, 2011

True believer never leaves they course!

Whatever tragic loss occurs you either resist or you yield, some people become bitter or deeply resentful, and others become compassionate, wise and loving, yielding means inner acceptance of what is! You are open to life!!
War is a mind-set and all action that comes out of such a mind-set will either strengthen the enemy the perceived evil or if the war is won will create a new enemy a new evil equal to and often worse than the one that was defeated!
Life is full of miserly! But of course different people fulfill different function in this world, It cannot be otherwise, as far as intellectual or physical abilities are concerned –knowledge, skills, talents, and energy levels –human beings differ widely, what really matters is not what function you fulfill in this world but whether you identify with your function to such an extent that it take you over and become a role that you play!!!
Life is messy friends am happy today I have an opportunity to say this with you, have you learnt to be there for others even if they do not care! I have been touched in my life to help the needy and work on myself as much as I can to help those I can but the biggest worries is there is something which I can’t do alone I need people to work with me who can reach where I can’t not.
This year I come up with little solution to try doing things in a simple way which I can handle and manage by myself and get help from little people who still stand with me strong and different community groups in Kenya
Life of my own!! Many people would wonder why do I need to talk of all this in my blog just to say as I said somewhere up there I love sharing my experience and my life and even if there is more people with much challenge than me I still believe there those have not got such kind of life am going though and it good for them to understand how lucky they are in life to have life which moves smoothly not so much challenges...

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