Jan 9, 2012

Did You Know! Basic Education starter is so much Important for everybody life!

Why why lord I need to help just few little one’s just one time but I can’t!  Why this?? I maybe not that perfect one but I know there is somebody who really need my help! And it now’’ or never forever’’! When I remember the life I went through and I See somebody else ending to the some direction I feel defected if I can’t do anything!
For the past few days now I have been thinking and wondering why I can’t help? There are at list five kids who I really wish I could help but even after thinking and looking all means and way’s to help them am not sure I can any more.
My biggest worry is’ if children of fourteen years do not manage to join the high school after their primary what happens to those people life it’s not worth it, and people look them as failures because whatever they try can’t not take them so far and others they depend on them, use them to do the hardest job’s for luck of enough education, these people live the whole life wishing and hoping one day their prayers will be heard or otherwise they live looking for better thing to make themselves happy! Which some time ends them to poverty and in deep to it!
Love is all we need to be happy rich or poor we all have someone special in our life and for the poor, love is all their happiness, making love become their life time melodies and because they can’t afford some family planning method babies become they daily life struggle result poverty increased more and the poor keep becoming poorer and poor.
Here come my question when will all this end, every year start with creating more worries to me every time I think of how many children drop out of school because they parents can’t afford basic needs or school fee to take they children to high education which give them un-matured freedom to search for their own basic need which some of them end’s up getting married young as for the pressure of nature.
Every child needs education protection and attention from all of us it may be not a problem to you or you may not see it but the fact still remain strong! If we need to make change we need to look much deeper and somebody said once if you want a straight strong tree you need to level it when still young.
If you are part of looking for change and better world with less poverty, it time we start rethinking and doing something now, it never too late to plan for tomorrow.
Last thanks for your time reading and hope this help you to understand my pain and my mission even if we are trying to make change in other different things like technologies’ better school, good education for all, we need to think too for those who can’t afford just basic education  to give them a better life starter.
Keep it well be the first to make that change think of giving a child better adult future by supporting less fortunate in education.
Uncle Ben

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