Mar 30, 2012

Do belief in changing one person at time or working for a number?

For while now I have been working on social and community empowerment in different communities and I have met so many organization and people who are doing great work in our societies and other groups, but my biggest question is what do we look in terms of making changes in our societies?
I have not understood up to now what is better for organization is it the number or out come? Anyway it depends with the way we look things, but if I have been a judge or person to make judgments I would look things in different way of making the change!!
Once in life I decided to move my life in a different way than what I used to  think and I promised myself I will not look back or  fear to go for what I want I did not mind my education or who are with me but I shared my ideas with many who seemed to like it so much and I said to myself I will not let what I love or created just be used for just fun or personal interest and from that point I knew what I want and little by little I do not mind for how long it will take, but am sure one day my greatest desire dream will be fulfilled by me or by somebody else.
This year my work my life seem like it going opposite of what I want I have so much ideas things which I can’t just explain them here but for sure I know because of one issue or another I have a lot to do to fulfill my dream every day I search for opportunity, opportunity to do things the right way, opportunity to explain or to meet somebody who will understand me and help me with ideas or financially, but every day end up in vain but I never lose hope I will keep going on and on until I find what I want because this world need more courage more strengthen, more creativity more trying and trying I will not stop until my last breath.
Last two months I talked so much of child support and I still think a lot of how I can be able to help children who their parent or guardian can’t be able to help them in high school education or other education.’’ Education’’ even if it will not guarantee you 100% your future success it not just like the one who do not have any skill in that level and when I talk of this I say it with confidence from my personal experience, we have to look solution of empowering our children and giving them opportunity when still young if we want to make the future change and reduce dependency, early pregnancy or married, Drugs abuse, crime in our societies and many other challenges we over go because of luck of enough knowledge from our childhood, we must think of how every child can access to free and fair better education.
Why I said education is the key of this challenges one if our young people who do not have the opportunity for better training or counseling education, what happen is this guys look for anything out of frustration to fulfill life needs for them, some find sex as the escape place to hide their worries and to find happiness (as also we very well know luck of what we want, love as we call it), it our greatest way to make ourselves happy which end up with pregnancy or other related diseases or challenges in life, such family conflicts, crimes and long term poverty life.
Others  such as Drugs abuse does together morally with finding other ways of happiness which drive our young people from level a of just alcohol, to hard drugs which turns to be addiction then because of need of it such people may driven to crime to earn money be able to acquire  that they need.
I have talked so much of early married before and where it take us to when we start dating or enjoying hide and seek sex which at that moment because of pressure and that joy it give us, we normally think this is the right person and if you have nothing else in front of you which is demanding the next thing you think is getting married and for sure nothing sweet like having a girl or a boy who you think (I say you think because this is un-matured relationship) is your life time lover.
Most of such relationship are very sweet at the beginning but it changes everything when the baby or the pregnancy come in, that when things start getting worse and relationship start getting sour, then afterword you need to think of the father who have not good education and the same to the wife who by then will be too busy to think anything outside the box than the new born baby!
What such family could earn or could do than to look for casual jobs which they are paid just to have enough for their family meals.
Am very sure and am sure you will agree with me up to there, if we need to change things or end up poverty we must focus in one thing at time and by doing so little by little we shall come to conquer our biggest challenges in our societies today. Somebody may think why do I worry and my family can afford to pay for me and I will be able to pay for my children education and everything their need! Is that Selfish or what I call un-human is thinking?  Am sure you have heard of this one man challenges is everybody worry! Ask me how and why? If you do not see the problem, once is said, every little challenges from conflict from the families, conflict from Tribes, conflict from Nation it all start with very small things we ignore from the second we think we have no problem on our selves because we can have everything we need as family or as person/s
Lastly to end my analyses  today let me say we need to think big and think as human and do not think Ben challenges does not bother you it will and it will become one day part of your life challenges if we do not address it the right time, what do I mean life give us different opportunity and we are all blessed or gifted with different talent, skills, or way of thinking which give us capability to achieve our goals as we wish, somebody somewhere maybe going to life challenges because one day something went wrong not because he/she wanted to things to be so, but it happens and it can happen to anybody and it is our love, passion, and willingness to make one thing at time change that can make somebody else one day do something for someone else!
For the past few days I have been volunteering in one of our partners organization and I have seen something never seen before, one guy Asian original current Kenyan he has come up with program of helping the people, by providing them with money to start a small business from his own income without asking for refund or interest like many people do, just want he does is to sit down with them and ask them what they want to do and if their give good explanation he give them some money which is a big boost to them all those who have received now this small help have started small income business or invested to work which will add value in their life..
That left me wondering how many people in the world even if there are billionaires can be like this one man, people have ideas things they would love to do but because they do not have people to guide them or motivate them or support them their end up doing what their do not like for just getting their daily meals or something to keep them alive.
To finish up my today issue this not only me words but after discussing and talking with other we may be seem like we have nothing we can do because we do not have power to express our selves but if given opportunity we can move the mountain.
Let think for long term solution and stop assuming or ignoring things which are fact but let us take every single person as human understand them and help them, uplift their life to bring change in our societies, nations, and our beautiful world.
Ben cares! Do you!
 Thanks for your time if you like my thinking just share but living a comment or by sharing with a friend!
Uncle Ben

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